Community Issues

Abandoned vehicles

  • make vouchers available for towing and disposal fees
  • increase fines for improper disposal
  • enforcement of regulations against illegal junkyards

Agricultural Entrepreneurialism & Food Resilience

  • provide access to agricultural land & water for food production
  • provide business training for farmers and ranchers
  • Identify and remove outdated regulations that inhibit agricultural start-ups

Affordable Housing

  • continue rental assistance programs for working families
  • support first home builders with funding mechanisms and technical assistance

Humane Animal Control and Care

  • advocate for funding for animal shelters in the district

Land Use, Development, Permitting

  • educate developers about the relevant Community Development Plan (Kona, Kaʻū, or Puna) early in project development
  • create mechanisms that give the community opportunities for early input to development projects
  • ensure that the County enforces existing land use regulations

Protecting Open Space and Native Species

  • support the Public Access, Open Space, and Natural Resources Program